About Us

To us having a Havanese is having an increased amount of love in our home. Our love story started with the addition of Coco to our family. She is loving, loyal, cuddly, and smarter than we could have imagined. She quickly learned how to escape from her own crate so that she could be with the family. Our daughter loves animals and wrote a letter to Santa, asking for a little brown Havanese puppy. Santa broght her a darling little sable puppy - Mo. Momo is white with champagne highlights which reminded us of a toasted marshmallow. When he was little, our son called marshmallows "momos". We could not have imagined the amount of energy and love this happy-go-lucky pup would bring to our home. He is absolutely in love with us and even more cuddly than Coco. He never misses a chance to sit on someone's feet, jump in someone's lap, or proudly show-off the toy he just found.

We live in The Woodlands, Texas with our own little family of Havanese dogs. Our dogs are the center of our family. As such, we treat them and their puppies like our own babies. We couldn't think of a better pair of parents to pass this love on to your family through their puppies. These puppies are cared for by our family from the first hour of their lives until they go home with you. We expose them to as many different situations and scenarios as possible in the short 8 weeks that we have them, including almost non-stop attention and socialization from our 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. 

Watching Coco give birth to puppies and caring for them has been a life-changing experience for us. It had a powerful bonding effect on our family and it has taught our children so much about hard work, dedication, organization and - most importantly - love. We couldn't imagine a more beautiful way to give back to our community than to give other families the opportunity to have one of these incredible dogs become part of their family as well.