Frquently Asked Questions

  Here are some questions that we often get about the Havanese breed and about our dogs in general. 

Are Havanese good with children?   

Havanese are excellent dogs for children. They have loving, open and playful personalities! They remain energetic and playful throughout their entire lives. When raised in a home with multiple children, they will develop different games to play with each child. They are happy spending time with members of the family, regardless of the activity. Some of our favorite things to do with our dogs include camping, hiking and going for walks. Our dogs have even jumped in on some family wrestling matches!   

What if a member of my family has allergies?  

Havanese are considered a non-shedding breed. They are hypoallergenic, and suitable for most allergy sufferers. They are clean eaters and drinkers and sometimes will avoid dirty activities outside. In our experience, our dogs do not like rain and will not get into our pool.   

Do male or female Havanese make better pets?

There really is no difference between the temperament of a male and female. We have noticed that the males can tend to be just a little bit more loving and snuggly. We have heard it said, and believe it to be true, that a female will love you but a male will be in love with you. We honestly feel any family would adore either a male or a female Havanese, as both make excellent pets. If someone doesn’t have a preference and both options are available we will usually recommend a male. 

How big are your Havanese? 

Our careful breeding at Huggy Bear Havanese allows for our dogs to be between 7 lbs and 12 lbs.

What is the typical life expectancy for a Havanese? 

Havanese life expectancy is around 14-15 years.   

When can the puppies leave for their new home?

Usually, puppies can leave at 9 weeks. We keep the smaller babies until they are 10-11 weeks. 

Can Havanese live in the yard if it’s fenced? 

No. Havanese are a very social breed, and they need to be indoors with the family interacting with daily life. They are not an outdoor breed, however they are willing to go for walks and play outdoors with the family.

Can Havanese eat people food? 

In our experience, Havanese have very sensitive stomachs and eating food that they are not used to often causes vomiting and diarrhea. We recommend you care for your little one by feeding them dry, high-quality puppy food in carefully measured quantities.  

Will you ship a puppy? 

The best thing for your puppy is for you to pick her up in person. This allows for the least amount of stress on her and promotes faster adjustment as you bring your little one home and into your family.  For this reason we do not ship our puppies. 

Why should I have my dog microchipped?   

Microchipping is the most successful method to keep track of a lost or stolen dog. A microchip is injected under the skin on the back of the dog’s neck in the same way that they receive a vaccination. Veterinarians and animal shelters keep scanners that read the digital number on the microchip. If your dog is picked up and scanned, your microchip company will be contacted and they will get in touch with you. Many animals have been reunited with their owners thanks to a microchip. Most veterinarians can microchip puppies, or we can have it done for you.

Do you have your puppy’s dewclaws removed? 

Research shows that this practice may cause long-term health problems, such as joint laxity and arthritis. 

Can I potty train my Havanese? 

Yes! Consistency is key. When they do what you have asked, celebrate! Give them a treat, lots of love, and praise. It is important to be soft and gentle when handling this breed as the Havanese is much more effectively trained with positive attention and praise. We suggest crate training your puppy and we are happy to give you guidance on how this method of training is accomplished.  

Do Havanese bark a lot? 

Havanese are known for being quiet dogs. However, they will be on the alert whenever anyone comes to the home, including both strangers and people they know. For this reason, they make good watch dogs. This can be helpful for those who live alone or who are home alone during the day.  

How do I find pricing for your puppies?   

While all our puppies are of the best breeding and quality, other factors affect pricing. Certain markings or colors are considered rare, while others are commonplace. This will affect the price of each puppy a little bit. Additionally, girls are usually priced a little higher than boys. Conformation according to AKC guidlines is something we consider when pricing as well.  Any one of our babies from Huggy Bear Havanese will make a wonderful addition to your family. For specific pricing, please contact us directly.  

Can I reserve a Huggy Bear Havanese puppy? 

We accept a non-refundable holding fee of $300.00. This ensures that your little darling puppy will be yours!  

What comes with my Huggy Bear Havanese puppy? 

First and most importantly, your puppy comes with love! Additionally, we are happy to provide you with purchase contract, 1st shot record, sample starter food, and crate if shipped via air. 

Can we come visit your Havanese?   

We would love for you to come visit our Havanese. We feel it is very important for you to take your time and do your research to make sure that you are happy when you bring your little love home. For the protection of our puppies, we require a deposit to be made before a visit can be scheduled. 

How do I purchase a puppy from Huggy Bear Havanese?

-Decide if Havanese is the right breed for you.
Learn about the breed and determine if a Havanese is right for you and your family.  

-Contact Us.
Please feel free to email us with any questions that you have.  

-Fall in Love! 

Prepare yourself for love at first sight! View the latest pictures of our available puppies and contact us with questions about the specific personalities of each darling puppy.   

-Place your deposit. 

Your $300 deposit to hold your little darling is non-refundable

-Schedule Visits
If you have reserved your puppy and placed a deposit, you can come meet your darling when the litter is 6 weeks old. If it is not possible for you to come visit, we will send you updated pictures and videos daily of your little one.


The forms of payment we accept include: 

-Credit or debit card through paypal 


-Money Order 

-Personal Check       

-Arrange Puppy Pick Up
If applicable, we will arrange pick up or personal delivery. Meeting half way may be an option as well.

-Holding Puppies after they are 11 Weeks
Puppies are normally ready to go home to their new families at 9 weeks. Please be prepared to pick up your puppy at this time. If needed, we can keep the little darlings for an additional two weeks. We are happy to offer more time, if needed, for a small boarding fee.

- Care for your new baby
Please be sure to continue your new love's vaccination schedule and put them on a tick/flea prevention medication, as well as heart worm protection. Continue potty training and remember that the three things your puppy needs the most are discipline, exercise and your love and attention in that order. Be patient and kind with your new little darling. We are here to help! Please stay in touch and contact us with any questions that arise.